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There are unending possibilities in the Roblox universe. Created primarily as a content creation platform, Roblox has been home not only to gamers who find themselves offered a variety of games to try at any given time; but also to developers, whom Roblox has given the ability to create worlds of their own in games, and share these to the world.

For typical Roblox users like you and I, we find ourselves faced with different options at any given time—new games to try, new accessories to look at, new clothing to buy, and even new in-game items to discover. Perhaps this is why you’re here, looking at the viability of the abundance of free Robux generators available online.

Indeed, at the heart of playing Roblox is its in-game currency called Robux. Robux, the only currency used in Roblox, is typically used to buy items in the Roblox Avatar Shop. These items can range from those utilized for aesthetic purposes such as shirts and hats, and even accessories for different parts of the body. Items can also come in the form of power-ups that users can use in-game to make their character stronger, and to breeze through game content faster.

Robux is also key to unlocking games that need a fee to be accessed, or even to game passes that feature additional content or skills not available to free users of a certain game.

It’s thus a no-brainer that it’s a coveted commodity for all of its users.

Robux can normally be acquired only through buying it with real cash, from the official Roblox website. However, is there any truth to other websites’ claims to give their users free Robux? Are free Robux generators true?

That’s what we’re here to check.

Where do you get Robux?

Before we delve into the question of whether free Robux generators work, and which one is better between the most popular generators currently, let’s first revisit where Robux, officially, can be obtained from.

Robux is bought online, through Roblox stores online for different devices (browser, Android, Xbox) using real money.

There are two options in buying Robux: first, a user may opt to buy Robux occasionally, for one-time use. This is usually done by players who don’t intend to buy a lot, and are simply playing Roblox casually. If there’s no need to buy more Robux in the foreseeable future, it simply makes sense to just buy what you need one time, and buy after a while if the need arises again.

However, for more dedicated gamers, Robux can also be purchased using a monthly Premium subscription. That means you pay the same amount of money monthly, and get a monthly allowance of Robux for your account.

Premium subscriptions also come with additional perks, which members can utilize to save on Robux or even to earn more Robux. Premium members can resell old items they have no use of, which means items don’t become a sunk cost for them—they can just sell it again and earn money from it, instead of letting it go without deriving any benefit from it anymore. They can also trade with other Premium members, so they don’t have to spend Robux from buying other items again and again without getting rid of the ones they don’t need anymore.

They can also create their own items—they are able to create shirts and pants, rather than buying these from the Avatar shop. They can also sell their own creations, and get commission from their items that get bought by other players.

Premium member subscriptions are really the better option for those who can afford to shell out a certain amount of money monthly.

Prices for both buying options (one-time and subscription) are the same for all three tiers. The prices and their benefits are as follows:


One-Time Purchase

Premium Subscription


400 Robux

450 Robux


800 Robux

1,000 Robux


1,700 Robux

2,200 Robux

How do free Robux generators work?

As you can see, getting Robux is a costly endeavor. This is why websites have capitalized on people’s needs to get Robux, and have decided to create Robux generations to “help them out.”

Let’s review how free Robux generators work.

Free Robux generator websites (that take time to explain how they work… because there are some that don’t) usually claim that they are able to trick Roblox’s algorithm into believing that they are actually sending encrypted data of an actual monetary purchase. In that case, a user doesn’t have to pay for anything, but ends up with money in their account because Roblox considered the player to have purchased Robux using real money.

There are generators that are less transparent in how they work, though, preferring instead to simply say that they have developed a generator through the help of their sponsors, whom they typically don’t name either.

For these generators to work, what they do is to ask users of their Roblox username, platform of choice, and sometimes the server they are using. They then try to connect to this account to send it money. They display a message if the transaction is successful, and then, supposedly, your Robux should be credited to your account.

Sounds simple, right?

This set-up typically doesn’t work out this way at all, though. Hitches happen at some point all the time, and transactions – if they do happen – do not push through. More often than not, websites like this are really just a scam and nothing more.

Let take a look at the top Google results for free Robux generators, and see for ourselves if they stay true to their claims, or if they’re just another one of the countless useless “Robux generators.”

Review: Free Robux Generators

We will be looking primarily at freerobux.codes and freerobux.io, two free Robux generators that have been around for some time now, claiming to actually give their users the Robux they so desire.

Let’s dissect their features and how they perform upon testing them out.


  1. Free robux codes

This website, on first glance, seems primarily geared towards younger audiences. The website makes use of bright colors – reds, greens, and yellows everywhere – and fun fonts, logos, and pictures all around. Assumingly to help establish its credibility, the website also includes the Roblox logo at the top of the page.

The website also features a variety of content at the bottom of the page. They assert that this is a tool coded by hand, which “sends ‘real’ connections to the game server… giving the impression that you buy Robux with real money, but in fact … [use] the tool that generates your resources without any cost.” Essentially, then, it conforms to the usual claims of free Robux generators, which is that they trick the Roblox algorithm to believing a real purchase is being made.

The website also outlines their tool’s advantages, claiming that Robux can be claimed daily, added to multiple platforms, and cares about the user’s security. The tool does not require anything to be downloaded, which means they are not here to send malware to users’ machines.

To further establish their credibility, the website is straightforward in claiming that unlimited Robux is not possible, and is not something they can do, either.

This free Robux generator simply asks for the following information for you to start: your username, platform of choice, and amount of Robux you wish to receive daily. Robux amounts can be anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000.

In summary, based only from the information the website provides, here are the pros and cons:


  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Transparent in how the generator works
  • Does not ask for sensitive information such as password and location


  • Inconsistent grammar which lessens site’s credibility
  • Huge contradiction between claim of getting only up to 100 Robux daily and the tool’s amount selector ranging from 1,000 – 100,000 Robux
  • No mention of who the creators are
  1. redeem.mobi

This website, on the other hand, features a more no-nonsense feel. The colors are a basic green and gray, and the font is also a typical sans-serif font used for formal documents.

The website does feature a video on how the tool is used, though, as well as a set of FAQs at the bottom of the page.

The FAQs are actually pretty accurate, more focused instead on established information in the Roblox universe, such as what Roblox and Robux are, what Robux is used for, and where Robux can be acquired from.

They also answer what are, presumably, concerns that users may have when using the generator—if they can be banned because of using their free Robux generator, and how often free Robux can be added to their account. They also mentioned that they were able to create this website through the help of their sponsors, which validates the need to “complete an offer” from their sponsors.

The generator itself only asks for the following information: your server location, Roblox username, and the Robux package of choice. Amounts to choose from are: 450, 1000, 2200, 4800, and 10000 Robux for the user.

In sum, here are the surface-level pros and cons for this website:


  • Overall feel is more reliable, especially with given information at the bottom
  • Set amount of Robux as a more believable option
  • Informative in their FAQs about Roblox


  • No information on how the product works, who developed it, and who their sponsors are
  • Not very kid-friendly
  • Need to answer an “offer” from sponsors before getting Robux
  • Server location may be more sensitive information about the user

Now that we’ve taken a look at how these websites look like, it’s time to check if they actually work.

Outcomes upon trying

The short version is that: both websites are a sham.

While these free Robux generators only make you enter what may be harmless information about you, that’s only to establish credibility as a website that’s not out to steal your account information.

At their very core, they are still there only to waste your time, but not to give you free Robux.

They don’t even check the username you enter—we tried using “1” as the account username, which is something not accepted in Roblox. They still accepted this fake username, and proceeded to have a successful connection—even when that’s not even possible for a fake account!

As always, an error comes up—the connection is not successful, and you have to validate your identity and prove you aren’t a bot. To do this, you have to answer a survey. In the case of free robux, answering a survey was also a pre-requisite to getting the Robux in your account.

The thing is, these ads and surveys are how they get money! They trick people into believing they can actually get Robux through their free Robux generator, and prey on this desire. Kids, who make up majority of the gaming demographic of Roblox, are most susceptible to these gimmicks. They may end up answering survey after survey, thinking that they will get their Robux at the end—but nothing will come, and they only will have wasted their time.


Like everything else before them, the free Robux generators we reviewed were still, expectedly, a sham. There is no better one because they’re both dishonest in their claims.

In general, there is no way for anyone to obtain Robux for free—you can only get Robux by actually buying them through the store, or through creating a game and selling items as a Premium member. There is no truth behind free Robux generators; what you can do upon encountering one is to report them to Roblox. They are serious in cracking down websites of this sort.

Roblox is a free platform with millions of free games for its users—perhaps it is better to simply enjoy what it has to offer for free, rather than finding ways to circumvent a game that has been so generous to its users ever since.

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