How To Get Minecraft Skins

How To Get Minecraft Skins

From building the simplest of homes and attics to crafting awe-inspiring and monumental castles, the Mojang-developed and Microsoft-owned Minecraft is surely one of a type. It’s been over a decade since this game came around and there are no two opinions about the fact that Minecraft has reached several milestones in its 11-year journey; it now comes second in the list of highest-grossing games in the world. As of May 2020, the monthly active players of Minecraft were reported as high as 126 million.

Minecraft has a couple of game modes; Survival, Creative, Adventure, etc. and the gameplay of Minecraft is so open that players set their own goals for it. They play the game as they see fit and that is the one thing that makes this game stand out. In simple words, the Minecraft universe is a heaven for creative geniuses that lets them build the world around them in a randomly generated terrain, without them having to focus on any pre-defined goals.

One such feature of Minecraft that contributes to its boundless gameplay is the Minecraft Skins. It allows the kids, teens, and even adults to be as unique, expressive, and artful as they want. That’s the epicenter of our guide today; the Minecraft Skins. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need about getting the best Minecraft Skins; in addition to acquiring information about some more issues that Minecraft players get to encounter on regular basis.

How To Get Minecraft Skins?

Minecraft allows its users to move forward with two options when it comes to Minecraft Skins. Let’s have a look at both these options and what comes with it in detail!

  1. Purchase From Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft has an in-game marketplace that allows its users to directly buy textures, world, and new avatar skins made by the community.

The marketplace requires you to add a payment method to your account, buy Minecoins with real money, and then you can use these Minecoins to purchase the in-game content, including character packs, skin packs, and Minecraft worlds.

So, basically, one way to get Minecraft Skins for your character is by using the in-game marketplace and purchasing a skin pack. As compared to custom designs, this process is very simple – it allows you to get your hands on the most creative skins in a seamless manner.

If you want to move forward with this step, just launch your game, open the marketplace, add your payment method, and buy your desired skin pack. Choose a skin that best suits your mood and you are all set!

However, not everyone can afford or would want to spend this money on skins. If that’s also the case with you, there is luckily another way for you to go about. Let’s find more about that in the next section.

  1. Upload Your Custom Skin

Minecraft allows you to upload a custom skin to your profile. So, instead of buying a skin pack from the marketplace, you scour the internet for a skin of your choice, download a .png file of the chosen skin, and upload it into your account. Cool, right?

As binging and die-hard Minecraft enthusiasts, we believe that it gives the players the freedom to go about the game as they see fit and since that’s exactly what Minecraft is about, we are fully in favor of this mechanic. However, the process of finding that ideal custom skin can take a strain sometimes. Heck! It may even be frustrating at times if you are unable to get the results you want.

And don’t get us wrong, it’s not that hard either. There are multiple communities over the internet that provide free skins developed by other Minecraft players. Apart from that, the related mechanics do not only let you design a skin from scratch but you can also customize an existing skin of your choice.

So, let’s discuss some more details to help you get your custom Minecraft skins.

How To Get Your Custom Minecraft Skin?

We have a detailed article specifically dedicated to designing custom skins in Minecraft, feel free to check that out when you are done with this one. However, we are going to use this opportunity to help you get familiar with the basics from right here.

There are a couple of Minecraft Editors and communities on the internet that provide a seamless experience in this regard. Here are some of the best Minecraft Skin editors available:

  1. The Skindex
  2. Tynker
  3. Nova Skin
  4. Minecraft Skin Editor

Among these four high-end skin editors, the Skindex is our personal favorite – because of its various useful tools like Skin grabber, the feature to edit existing skins, and wardrobe, etc. In our opinion, it’s the simplest, minimalistic, versatile, and a very friendly tool.

Since you are now up-to-date with top-of-the-line skin editors, we’d like to address the two possible options of customizing the Minecraft skins.

  1. Designing A Skin From Scratch

If you visit the homepage of the Skindex, you will see an option labeled as ‘Editor’ in the horizontal menu bar. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a minimalistic editor that lets you create your Minecraft skins from scratch. The designing is also a very straightforward process; since there are only a handful of tools to use that will get the job done. However, mastering the designing process is an art that will require a couple of takes for you to get a hold of it.

  1. Customizing An Existing Library Skin

If you go to the Skindex right now, you will find a huge number of pre-designed skins in their library. Actually, these skins are designed by other Minecraft players who uploaded them after they designed it for themselves; so other players can benefit from their craft as well.

You can also use the search bar on top to find a skin of your choice. If you’ve found a skin that is ditto of your requirements, your work is done. Just download that skin and upload it to your Minecraft’s official profile. However, if you feel like doing minor tweaks to that design, just take that skin to the editor and customize it as you see fit.

In summary, that’s how you get yourself a customized Minecraft skin. Moreover, feel free to head over to one of our detailed guides about Minecraft Skins to help you with your designing journey through a step-by-step process.

Purchasing From Minecraft Marketplace vs Designing A Custom Skin

There is no absolute answer to this because everyone has different interests, priorities, and budget. If you have the budget for it, feel free to purchase from the in-game marketplace because those skins are going to be flawless! If you want to stand out in a true sense, that is what you will need!

However, at the same time, it’s also absolutely possible for you to get your hands on an outstanding skin without having to purchase it. If you have an eye for detail and a mind to bring about some searching and nit-picking, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Do I Have To Pay To Change My Minecraft Skin?

The skin changing process is always seamless unless you are trying to change that skin on an account that does not have a paid copy of the Java version of Minecraft. In that case, you’ll probably receive a notification that says you have to pay to change your Minecraft Skin. If you were only playing the demo version of Minecraft up till now, click here for more information.

General Issues That People Encounter With Their Minecraft Skins

If you have just updated your Minecraft Skin and you are unable to see it in the game yet, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • If you are playing on a 1.7.8 or an earlier version of Minecraft, the skin change may take up to an hour or more to fully apply.
  • Similarly, if you are playing an old version of Minecraft, let’s say 1.3 or earlier, the skin changes will not be visible in the game.

On the contrary, the changes should be applied immediately if you are using a Minecraft version 1.7.9 or higher.

If you have selected the classic model on your profile and upload a slim-armed skin, you might experience black lines on the arms of your character in versions 1.8 or higher. To fix this issue, simply upload the correct skin type against the model you have selected.

Lastly, if your skin has suddenly stopped showing in the game, it’s probably because the skins server is temporarily down – there is absolutely no need to panic. In such a case, look if everyone’s skins are on default mode. Chances are if everyone’s skins are appearing in default mode, the server is probably running in the offline mode. Just try to log back in after a while and the problem should be resolved.


We hope that this guide clears all your questions about getting Minecraft skins. We have tried to address as many issues as we could fit in. If there is anything that you’d like to ask, feel free to hit us up with your question and we’ll get back to you!

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