The Best Daily Link Sources To Claim Free Spins In Coin Master

The Best Daily Link Sources To Claim Free Spins In Coin Master

Coin Master serves a deadly and chaotic combination of thrill, strategy, and luck. While we agree that luck plays a significant role in earning rewards and resources, it’s your strategy to utilize those resources that puts you ahead of your peers and ultimately saves you from bigger diminution.

If you are tired of reaching rock bottom with your spins and coins time and again, it’s probably time for you to bring about a change in your gameplay. Chances are that you are only running out of your resources because the other people in your village keep raiding you. If they are doing that to you, it’s probably because they have more spins and ultimately more means to loot and attack you. So, how do you get out of this paradoxical circle? You don’t have the in-game deep pockets, so you lose. And your pockets continue to be empty because you keep on losing? Sounds familiar?

In our opinion, this paradox can be eliminated if you manage to get your hands on a few more goldmines; a few more means to generate spins.

Ever thought if you could only have a couple more spins to place a larger bet, you’d have more chances to win and have the resources you need? Think about it. You’d be leveling up much faster and in return, you’ll be receiving richer rewards, ultimately taking you out of this deadly cycle, once and for all.

If that sounds even a little familiar to you, keep reading. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to get your hands on free spins for Coin Master!

The Best Daily Link Sources To Claim Free Spins In Coin Master

First things first, we want to end your struggle of searching for daily links to claim free spins for Coin Master. Instead, we want to hook you up with genuine sources that will bring the daily links to you on a regular basis!

We have organized a list that contains links to the official social media handles of Coin Master. All you have to do is follow these pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and stay on top of their updates. This will allow you to claim your rewards right away, without having to search for any third-party means.

At the end of this section, we will also be attaching a link that will take you to a list of Facebook groups for Coin Master. You can join these groups and connect with the Coin Master community at large.

Here are the links for Coin Master’s official social media handles and a few community groups:

  1. Coin Master – Twitter Profile
  2. Coin Master – Instagram Handle
  3. Coin Master – Facebook Page
  4. Coin Master – Trading Groups On Facebook


7 Ways To Boost Your Coin Master Spins

From the top of our heads and best of our knowledge, following are the 7 ways that can help you boost your spins, free of cost, and take you out of your downward spiral once and for all!

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

  1. Claiming Rewards Through Daily Links

We have put forward a suitable and less time-consuming way to take benefit of this feature in the above section. Let’s discuss a bit more about it here.

The daily links are rewards given out by the owners of Coin Master themselves. All their social media handles have over half a million followers. While using that to their benefit and staying on top of their social media marketing campaign, all the official handles of Coin Master post a link every other day that allows all the players of Coin Master to claim a free reward. A reward, however, can only be claimed once. If you manage to do that every other day, not only will you have an enhanced number of spins but you will also stay at an advantage over others in your village.

  1. Invite Your Facebook Friends

If you have any Facebook friends who you think might be into this game, invite them. As soon as someone in your friend list accepts your invitation to join Coin Master, downloads the game, and logs into the game, you will receive 40 spins at once!

  1. Trading With Your Friends

As the number of your friends who play the Coin Master increases, it provides you with an opportunity to exchange gifts with them daily. You send them a gift, they accept the gift and send one back to you. This trading system paves way for a modern barter system that lets you have a number of multiple cards and spins on a daily basis, for free!

  1. Utilize Spins Every 10 Hours

So, a feature that most players are still not fully aware of is the process of auto-regeneration of spins. Everybody knows that 5 spins are regenerated each hour, true. However, not many know that the total number of auto-generated spins can only maximize up to 50. After the spins reach 50, the process stops and you cannot accumulate any more of them.

So, if you want to benefit the most from this feature, remember to utilize your spins every 10th hour – so there’s room for more.

  1. Email Subscription – More Rewards

In addition to hunting for the daily links, this is another thing that you can do. When you sign up for the email subscription in Coin Master, you receive personalized emails that have one more purpose besides marketing; keeping the subscribers on the hook for rewards. So, basically, you can get your hands on an increased number of rewards, tips, and tricks by subscribing to daily emails from Coin Master.

  1. Event Participation – Higher Rewards

As the trend goes in most online multiplayer games nowadays, the Coin Master also hosts regular events filled with challenges. If you can complete those challenges and manage to stay on top of rank at the end of the challenge duration, you will receive rewards much higher than average daily rewards. So, be on the lookout, and as soon as there’s an event, start grinding. Your one week of grind to win the challenge has the potential to put you 30 days forward.

  1. Spinning

The last advice we have for you is to keep spinning. Spin, spin, spin again, and then spin some more. Your each spin is filled with multiple possibilities. You may receive a huge influx of coins. Or perhaps you will score a row of pig bandit. Or maybe you’ll just get more spins. You may even place a bet by utilizing multiple spins and be hopeful for even larger rewards! You see, everything you do in this game revolves around spins and coins. So make sure you’ve got enough of them!

Here Are Some More Things To Look For In Coin Master For Maximum Spins

There are a couple of other practices that you may opt for that will help you stay on top of your spins game. Keep reading for a few such practices.

  • Don’t Stockpile Your Coins

Please read this heading twice. Do not stockpile your coins. Do you know what happens when you do that? You become vulnerable to enemy raids. You lose millions of coins in unprecedented raids. It’s not a pleasant sight. Utilize your coins whenever you can!

  • Keep Shields On

Even if at times you have a reasonable amount of coins in your account, do not stay aloof without your shields on. When you have shields, the number of coins you lose is exponentially lower. Shields keep you safe. We don’t want you to make the same mistake we did!

  • Buy Chests In Every Village

One thing that you must never do is avoid buying chests in lower-level villages, in the pursuit to hoard coins for higher-level villages. That’s a NO! If you do that, you will have a serious lack of cards in the future that will prevent you from completing your collections. You will have all the cards for your rare collection except the one that could only be obtained from a chest in some lower-level village. And that my friends, is super frustrating. This is coming from someone who has had first-hand experience with it. Always buy at least 1-2 chests in each village.

  • Trade Cards With Your Friends

If you have a missing card to complete your collection, you can ask your friends for it. It’s possible that one of them has it in spare and you can ask for their help. At the same time, they’ll also probably need a card or two, check if you have the piece of their missing puzzle, and see if you can set up a system where you trade cards with each other.

  • Utilize The Joker Card ASAP

The Joker Card is the missing piece of the puzzle that any card collection needs! The Joker Card is a color-changing legendary card that can take place of any other card. So, if you have a rare collection that needs completion and one of your cards is missing, you can find a Joker Card to complete your collection.


Here’s What You Should Not Be Doing In Coin Master

In your pursuit to collect extra spins for free, don’t ever go near unethical means such as cheating. There is no place for cheating and hacks in Coin Master and you will get banned as soon as you are identified.

Using more spins than you are receiving is an ultimate formula to get yourself under the radar and ultimately banned. So, try to stay away from cheating and utilize all the above techniques and tricks to have free spins for Coin Master.

Remember, you aren’t the only one playing the game, there are others who are honest and you’ll also be ruining their experiences by being unfair. Our suggestion is, stay away from unethical means and find constructive ways to get free spins; we’ve explained a bunch of them above!

We have tried to cover everything we learned about obtaining free spins in coin master over the years. We hope this guide helps you grind better, earn better rewards, and reach higher villages in the shortest time possible. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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